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Well, December is here

The Race That Stops The Nation

The Winning Team!!

While this doesn’t solely relate to real estate

So what’s happening in our real estate world this past month?

Given that it’s Grand Final week

I think the weather is warming up

So, Spring has jumped out of the blocks - with a cold snap!

There’s so much I could write about

You’ve heard of the cliché “the calm before the storm”

Avid readers of this blog have probably picked up my enthusiasm for a good cartoon.

Even those of you who are not footyaphiles

While most of Melbourne seems to be away on a mid-year break

I always feel a little reflective on this day; the day of the winter solstice.

In Chinese philosophy the term, “yin and yang”

I hope all is well your end as we enter the winter season

As of 1st July 2017, changes to tax laws will result in lawyers and conveyancers turning into pseudo tax collectors.

Boutique Is Better - 24th May 2017

While we live in a fast pace modern world, it’s reassuring to know that some good old fashion practices are still adhered to

Anyone can become a real estate agent, and pretty much everyone is”

What a tumultuous world we are holding up collectively at this moment in time.

Recently a few of these well-known sayings have come to mind…

Barely A Week Goes By Without An Approach to Me About The Job Of Real Estate

The early bird catches the worm” to ensure a successful start to 2017

A belated happy New Year to you all.

Spring in our step

Yin and Yang

Needle In A Haystack

You have all heard of the saying, “glass half full”, and its relation to an optimistic approach to life.

Never a dull moment in the real estate industry

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