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Carly McMullin


Career Profile

After twenty years in the medical and allied health field, working in varied roles ranging from Receptionist to Practice Manager, Carly McMullin has met just about every possible personality type. Along with a stint in hospitality, Carly’s customer service skills and highly developed sense of empathy, have been finely honed.
Carly’s boundless patience and sense of humour, ensure she connects quickly and easily with everyone: a necessary attribute in a receptionist’s role. Struck by both the friendliness of her colleagues and the obvious integrity driving each of them, Carly describes McDonald Upton as an agency of authentic, straight shooters, committed to delivering the very best outcomes.
Working part time in real Estate intersects nicely with Carly’s passion for Interior design and styling, and she combines it with retail work at a Homewares boutique. Along with parenting three active children (and Charli the Toy Poodle), this busy mum also designs, makes and sells her own line of gift cards, and her not so secret skill is Irish Dancing

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