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Karen Corr


Career Profile

Karen Corr swears she can’t sing, but given this accomplished woman’s list of skills and achievements, it’s entirely possible she’s a virtuoso.

Belfast born and with a degree in microbiology, Karen maintained her Celtic links by working in Scotland where she specialised in, amongst other things, molecular biology. She and her husband moved to Australia following a work appointment and eventually, with the addition of young son, Charlie, settled into the local area.

Karen’s busy mind needed a busy job and real estate has proven to be perfect for that, quickly garnering experience in sales, property management and administration. Karen is currently the digital marketing manager, where her industry knowledge ensures that McDonald Upton Real Estate continues to build community ties and strong customer relationships. With a commitment to excellence in all areas, Karen’s focus, mirroring that of McDonald Upton, is to consistently deliver an informed, reliable and trustworthy service.

Out of hours, Karen is a keen amateur photographer, preferring scenery over moving targets, and enjoying the creativity of photographic editing and digital enhancement. Unconfirmed reports suggest she may also sing Corrs songs in the shower.

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