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How do I apply for a property?

After viewing the property, you may submit applications on our customised McDonald Upton application form or using the realestate.com.au 1Form.Please ensure that you provide us with as much information as possible and we will aim to process your application with 24 hours of receiving it. If there is anything you unsure of please contact us for assistance on 03 93759375.

How do you calculate monthly rent and bond?

The monthly rent is calculated using the recommended VCAT method of calculation: weekly rent divided by 7 x 365 & divided by 12.

When can I collect keys and move in?

Your lease has a specified start date. Keys and condition reports are available from our office on that date assuming that the first month’s rent and the bond has already been paid and cleared.

How do I pay rent?

First months’ rent is paid by EFT to our account or by cash or bank cheque. After that, you will pay your rent using Direct Debit.  The direct debit form will be provided in your Tenant Starter pack. Information relating to the direct debit system and a copy of the form can be found below.


Console Ezidebit Tenant Information


Direct Debit Form


Who connects the utilities?

We offer the services of Your Porter. You may connect your utilities yourself or using Your Porter.com.au. Please speak to us if you would like further details.

What happens if I pay rent late?

Naturally, the rent is expected to be paid on time. If you are unable to pay rent on time please call or email us and let us know. We start following up late rent immediately by sms. Please do not be offended. It is a standard procedure. Rent that is late by 14 days or more is a very serious matter and may lead to eviction. To learn more please go to Consumer Affairs Victoria

What happens if I want to get a pet?

Renters must seek the rental provider’s consent before keeping a pet at a rental property and must use the Consumer Affairs Victoria form. Renters can do this by email if they have agreed to electronic communication with the rental provider.

If renters intend to keep a pet on the rental property, it’s best to be upfront with rental providers as early as possible.

Before seeking consent, renters should check that the pet they intend to keep complies with council laws and other laws about pet ownership. These laws apply regardless of whether the rental provider has given consent for a pet. For more information, visit the Pets section – Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions website.

For more information on keeping pets at a rental property, please see Consumer Affairs Victoria


What happens if I want to put up picture hooks?

Any change or addition you may consider making to the rental property needs to be done with the owner’s permission. Please make your submissions in writing to our office.

Who is responsible for maintaining the garden?

Unless stated otherwise in your lease, it is a tenant’s responsibility to maintain the garden and nature strips/verges. If you would like a referral to a local gardener please just send us an email or call the office.

How often will the agent inspect my property?

The Residential Tenancies Act sets out various guidelines/rules for owners and agent to inspect or enter the premises. As agents, we seek to inspect the property twice a year. You may receive other requests from time to time, eg. for valuation purposes or trade repairs etc.and this will be discussed directly with you.

What happens at the end of a lease?

A lease does not end simply because it expires. Tenants must provide at least 28 days’ notice in writing when they intend to vacate. Three months before the lease expires we will ask you and the owner if you wish to:

  • continue on a month by month basis
  • enter a new fixed-term tenancy
  • end the lease


I want to end my lease.  What now?

If you wish to end your lease, you must give us a minimum of 28 days' notice in writing.  If you are on a fixed term agreement, your lease cannot end before the end of your fixed term.  Please email your property manager directly with your notice to vacate.  We DO NOT accept notices via SMS.  Please call your property manager to discuss the vacate process. 

What if I want to leave my lease early?

If you break your lease you must advise us in writing. You will be required to continue paying rent until a new tenant can be found, pay a letting fee and advertising costs. You will need to maintain the property until a new tenant can be found. We will work with you to do everything possible to find a suitable new tenant quickly.

What if one of our housemates won’t pay their share of the rent?

We treat the tenancy as a single tenancy. If someone is late it will reflect on everyone. We won’t be chasing an individual for part rent, that is the responsibility of the entire household. The Residential Tenancies Act does not deal with tenant to tenant disputes. It is very important that tenants joining share houses understand this. it is a good idea to agree on a set of household rules before you move in.

Can I change the locks?

Yes, at your expense. You need to advise us in writing and provide a copy of the new key/s.

How often will the rent be increased?

The rent can be increased once every 12 months. More details can be found at Consumer Affairs Victoria


Do I really need Contents Insurance?

We absolutely recommend it!

How do I get my bond back?

When you vacate an owner has 14 days in which to negotiate any matters in dispute OR make a VCAT application. You basically need to ensure that all rents owing are paid, all keys and remotes are returned and the property is left in clean condition. The single biggest issue that slows bond return is cleaning. Tenants often underestimate what an enormous task moving house is and the cleaning processes often lose priority. We will ask to meet with you before you vacate to discuss a united approach to returning your bond as quickly as possible. We do the same with our landlords.

Do I have to replace light globes?

Yes, a tenant is responsible for replacing light globes in the property. There may be some exceptions to this rule depending on the property.

How do I report non-urgent maintenance?

In writing (email is fine) with as much detail as you can and please provide photos. The more detail you can offer the easier it is to employ the correct tradesperson sooner.  You can send maintenance requests and supporting photos to [email protected]
It's always recommended that you follow up with a phone call to your property manager or the office if you haven't had a response within 24 hours.  
DO NOT report maintenance via SMS or via our social media platforms


How do I report urgent maintenance?

If you are reporting urgent repairs during office hours please telephone our office, 03 93759375 and ensure you let the receptionist know that it is an URGENT request. We will help you. Always follow up with an email. If the matter falls outside of office hours please call 0409 388 363 and refer to more detailed notes on this website. https://www.mcdonaldupton.com.au/emergencyinfo


Please ensure that the matter is genuinely urgent. Please be very careful about actioning your own repairs as you may not be reimbursed. Some interim helpful hints include:


  • If you have a burst water pipe or tap find the mains water tap and turn it off.
  • If there is power failure check your fusebox for tripped switches and ask the neighbours if they are also without power, it might be the entire grid that is without power.
  • Don’t leave your remote control in your car
  • Consider leaving a spare key with friends
  • Keep our numbers in your phone
  • Keep a paper version of our numbers in your wallet

Stay calm and think it through.


For additional information, please visit Consumer Affairs Victoria  or refer to the Renting A Home Guide


In June 2019, the first of a raft of changes to the residential tenancies act came into effect.  For more information on the changes, see the link below

Changes To The Residential Tenancies Act




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