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For assistance during office hours, please contact the office on 9375 9375

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Monday - Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm




If you have an urgent AFTER HOURS repair, you should contact one of the approved tradespeople listed below and then notify your property manager on the next business day that an urgent repair was required.  

Urgent repairs (defined by Consumer Affairs) are:

  • a burst water service
  • a blocked or broken toilet system
  • a serious roof leak
  • a gas leak
  • a dangerous electrical fault
  • flooding or serious flood damage
  • serious storm or fire damage
  • a failure or breakdown of any essential service or appliance provided by your landlord or agent for hot water, water, cooking, cooling, heating or laundering
  • failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity or water supply
  • any fault or damage in the premises that makes the premises unsafe or insecure
  • an appliance, fitting or fixture that is not working properly and causes a substantial amount of water to be wasted
  • a serious fault in a lift or stairs
  • the property does not meet minimum standards

Please try to rationally ascertain that your repair is actually URGENT

If you choose to undertake works that turn out to NOT be urgent you will be responsible for payment. Remember that you should always know where your mains water tap is and turn it OFF in the event of a burst tap or pipe.

Here are some helpful trade contact numbers:

The following tradespeople can be contacted after hours ONLY if the maintenance is in one of the above categories. Please Note: If you contact a tradesman and it’s not considered urgent you will be charged for their time.

  • Plumber/Hot Water:
    Rosehill Plumbing (Mark) 0419 106 768  

  • Electrician:
    Bomber Thompson Electrics (Jacob) 0432 029 254
    Sparky Clarky (Tom) 0433 667 714
    Garnet Electrical (Stuart) 8336 1099
    Electrical Automation Solutions (Paul) 0416 121 227

  • Locksmith:
    Human Key Locksmiths (Michael) 0403 735 103

  • Glass:
    AAA Glass 9338 1281

  • Garage Doors:
    RJ Garage Doors 9465 6288
    J & E Roller Doors 9315 6677

  • State Emergency Service 13 25 00 or 9688 0333

  • City West Water 13 16 91

  • AGL 131 245

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